The Perfect Beverage For New Orleans

Water Filtration Systems New Orleans

Hello New Orleans alkaline water drinkers. Did you know that Enagic® has sold over 400,000 water ionization and filtration systems? Though there are many alkaline water systems on the market in New Orleans , Enagic® has earned a reputation as the trusted authority on in-home water ionization machines.

Enagic® manufactures Kangen® water machines. Kangen® drinking water has a pH level of 8.5 – 9.5, though the machines can produce water of varying pH levels for a variety of uses. Many health-minded New Orleans folks drink Kangen Water® exclusively.

Kangen® pH balanced water is the perfect workout drink, detoxing liquid, zero-calorie beverage, and sports recovery solution.

I also use Kangen® to make coffee, tea, soups and sauces, wash fruits and vegetables, wipe down kitchen surfaces, water houseplants, shine silverware, wash my face, and shampoo my hair.

Your New Orleans tap water may be perfectly safe by government standards. But then again, it may contain high levels of chlorine and other undesirable chemicals. Why take a chance?

Many brands of New Orleans bottled water are no different than expensive tap water and it is obvious that all those plastic bottles take a toll on our environment here in the 85302 zip code area – you can see them on our roadsides, bike trails, and playgrounds.

I am such a fan of Kangen Water® that I decided to become a proud independent distributor for Enagic USA® in the 85302 zip code area. If you would like to learn more about the effect of alkaline water on body acidity, give me a call today.

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What Kind Of Water Do You Drink In Los Angeles?

Alkaline water machine Glendale

Water is something that is easy for busy members of the Phoenix community to ignore, but this essential element of our lives is probably more interesting than you think. That’s why today in the Glendale Alkaline Ionizer Blog, we are going to highlight some interesting water facts.

Our amazing bodies are actually comprised of 70% water. That’s over two-thirds! Because of this, here at Enagic International®, we believe that “The basis of vitality and long life is water.”

As Phoenix people become increasingly aware of the importance of hydration for proper health, they often look to tap water as the best source of drinking water. However, worries about pollutants and contamination are causing many Los Angeles, Lake Tahoe, and New Orleans residents to buy bottled water.

Did you know that bottled water is not necessarily healthier than tap water?

A lot of people justify the high price because they think it’s better for them, but not only are they paying more with no direct benefit, they are also harming the environment through the production and disposal of all of those plastic bottles.

Enagic has the ultimate solution: water filtration machines. Kangen Water® is a delicious water created from Enagic’s® innovative water technology. Our devices filter your tap water as well as producing ionized alkaline and acidic waters through electrolysis. These waters can be used for various purposes such as:


If you are concerned about acidic body chemistry, then Kangen Water® machines are for you!

I’m LeeAnn Sharpe, an independent Enagic® distributor for the Glendale area. If you would like to know more about the health and wellness benefits of alkaline water and water filtration, please call me at 602-565-5785. I can also discuss the many benefits of working from your Phoenix area home as a Enagic® representative.

Call today!

LeeAnn Sharpe

Kangen Water® Filtration Machines

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Beautiful Phoenix Women Detox With Kangen Water

Beautiful Phoenix Women Detox With Kangen Water

Welcome to my Phoenix Enagic® alkaline water blog. Today, I am going to share a story from a women who drinks Kangen Water®.

‘I am leaving Phoenix soon to spend a relaxing week at the beach. I have been looking forward to this vacation all year. Though I am delighted to spend time with my out-of-Arizona family on this trip, one aspect I am not excited about is exposing my dimpled hips and thighs as I enjoy the surf. Though I maintain a healthy weight, cellulite is still a problem for me as it is for many Phoenix women.

Arizona residents spend considerable amounts of money on cures to rid themselves of cellulite, but according to Dr. MH Kahn, assistant professor of dermatology at Weill Cornell Medical College, no amount of exercise, creams, massages, wraps or surgery is effective in eliminating cellulite.1 Darn!

Though I can’t get rid of my cellulite I have found healthy ways to reduce its appearance.

Before I leave Phoenix, I will eliminate sugar, salt, and caffeine from my diet which may cause me to retain water. I will also eat plenty of complex carbohydrates and proteins.

I will increase my water intake which will may help flush out toxins. Dr. Kahn believes that water is a critical part of the detoxification process and that healthy detoxification aids in reducing the appearance of cellulite.

I drink pH-specific Kangen Water®. Kangen Water® is created with Enagic’s® innovative water technology. The healthy and delicious water is produced by filtering your Phoenix tap water then generating ionized alkaline and acidic water through electrolysis.’

My name is LeeAnn Sharpe and I am an independent Kangen® water distributor based in Glendale. I would love to share more stories about the Kangen® water filtration system. I give Enagic® presentations in the Arizona communities of Phoenix, Los Angeles, and Lake Tahoe. Please contact me by phone or email. 602-565-5785

1Misbah H. Khan, MD, Frank Victor, MD, Babar Rao, MD, and Neil S. Sadick, MDb. ‘Treatment of Cellulite’ Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, March 2010,, July 29, 2011

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Call Me To Try Kangen pH Balanced Water In Glendale

balanced pH water Glendale

Welcome to my Glendale pH balanced water blog. I am your down to earth independent Enagic dealer in Glendale. Enagic® manufacturers Kangen® water ionization and filtration systems. The defining feature of Kangen® drinking water is its slight alkalinity. In-home Enagic® water systems use ordinary tap water to create pH balanced Kangen Water® and waters of varying alkalinity or acidity for purposes in addition to drinking. I believe that drinking water that is slightly alkaline makes a big difference in how I feel.

It is impossible to overstate the value of water. Choosing a source of drinking water for your family is an important decision.

After much research, I decided to try Kangen Water®. Now I trust my family’s well-being to our Kangen® pH balanced water machine and will never go back to tap.

Even if you have never worried about acidic body chemistry, I invite you to try Kangen® healthy water in the 85302 zip code area for a few weeks to experience the difference. I am confident that after trying Kangen Water® for drinking, cooking, and personal cleansing, you will look at water in a whole new way. You will appreciate the fact that not all waters are created equal and realize that your family deserves better than the Glendale water that comes out of your tap.

I believe that one of the most important health decisions any Glendale person can make is to choose pH balanced, delicious Kangen Water®.

I would love to tell you more about Kangen Water®. I work in Glendale, Los Angeles, Lake Tahoe, and New Orleans . Give me a call today to sample pH balanced water from Enagic®. Thanks for visiting my blog!

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Enagic USA, A Company Los Angeles Can Believe In

direct sales business Los Angeles

Enagic USA® and its related branch offices are the dedicated distribution arm and marketing force for Enagic ®. We offer Kangen® alkaline water filtration systems throughout the United States, including Los Angeles, Lake Tahoe, and New Orleans .

Our corporate philosophy at Enagic® is based on the following basic principles:

Realizing true physical health
Realizing true financial health
Realizing true mental/metaphysical health

We want to help our customers realize true physical health by enjoying Kangen Water®, the water produced by our innovative filtration and ionization devices. Enagic’s® water filtration machines can help Phoenix families enjoy the health benefits of alkaline water in the convenience of their Arizona home.

Enagic Corporation® uses the direct sales marketing business model. Our water filtration machines are sold by hard-working independent distributors who want to work from home or supplement their income by selling a quality water filtration product. We want to help all of our distributors realize true financial health.

When you have an in-home water filtration machine, there is no need to buy costly bottled water, therefore, waste is reduced and the whole world benefits. Our customers enjoy the mental satisfaction that brings, along with the health and wellness benefits of drinking alkaline water.

We know that purchasing a water filtration machine is a big decision, and we want you to take a closer look at Enagic® so you can be confident in our manufacturing and customer service.

I’m LeeAnn Sharpe, Enagic® independent distributor for the 85302 zip code area. Please contact me if you have any questions about Kangen Water®, your body’s pH balance, ionized water, or the unique direct sales opportunity offered by Enagic®.

Call me at 602-565-5785 or email me at today!

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“Tea, Coffee, and Juice Taste Better With Kangen Water”

Tea, Coffee, and Juice Taste Better With Kangen Water

Welcome Glendale friends of Enagic!

Though I love drinking Kangen alkaline water straight up, I also use it to make my favorite beverages. I think water-based drinks taste a lot better when prepared with Kangen water.

In the morning, I brew my morning coffee with Kangen water. During the day, I sip delicious Kangen water at home and at work in Phoenix. I also use Kangen water to make Crystal Light and juice from concentrate.

At bedtime, I drink my favorite sleepy time tea – brewed with Kangen water, of course.

Speaking of sleep, are you a tired Glendale resident who occasionally suffers from insomnia? Did you know that eating and drinking the right things before bedtime can calm your body and promote quality sleep?

One way to help get a good night’s sleep in Glendale is to avoid all sources of caffeine six hours before going to bed. Coffee is not the only stimulant you should avoid. There are other natural stimulants that could affect your sleep such as drinks containing guarana seeds, kola nuts, and yerba mate.

You don’t want to have a huge meal right before bedtime, but a small snack may help you nod off. Snacks containing both carbohydrates and the amino acid tryptophan are the perfect choice for evening snacks because tryptophan is a natural sleep inducer and carbohydrates can increase the effect. Tryptophan rich foods readily available at your Phoenix supermarket include dairy products, legumes, soy milk, nuts, and seeds.

My name is LeeAnn Sharpe and I would love to share more about versatile Kangen water. Contact me today!

LeeAnn Sharpe
Independent Enagic Distributor
Glendale, Arizona 85302

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People In Glendale Asking ‘What Is Electrolysis?’

What Is Electrolysis for Glendale?

If you have read any of my Glendale Enagic alkaline water posts, you have probably come across the words electrolysis. Before I started my own Enagic pH water business in Lake Tahoe, I only had a vague idea of what this word meant. Today’s post contains a brief explanation for Glendale people interested in pH water produced by electrolysis.

Electrolysis is the process of using a direct electric current (DC) to trigger a chemical reaction in an ionic substance.
By applying the current, chemical components can be separated and isolated. Electrolysis has been used by scientists to discover and analyze elements and is valuable in many industries and manufacturing processes. For example, anodization using electrolysis treats metal products to become corrosion-resistant.

Enagic water ionization and filtration machines use the process of electrolysis to change the pH balance of water.

By adjusting the amount of electrolysis applied, water with specific pH levels can be produced.

I use Kangen pH balanced water for all my water needs. Of course I drink Kangen water, but I also use for coffee, tea, juice from concentrate, and other water-based beverages.

For healthy cooking with Kangen I boil vegetables in it, wash fresh produce and meat, and use it in every recipe that calls for water.
Kangen is not just for the kitchen, I love the way my skin and hair feels after a Kangen wash and rinse. Wiping sinks and counters with Kangen is safe and easy and my houseplants thrive with acidic Kangen water.

To learn how you can adopt a pH balanced lifestyle with Kangen, contact me today.

Kangen Water Dealer LeeAnn Sharpe

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Phoenix Kangen Water Wellness Business

Phoenix Kangen Water Wellness Business Hello Glendale water drinkers. Welcome to my Enagic USA Alkaline Water Blog. I am Independent Kangen Water representative LeeAnn Sharpe of Glendale, Arizona . I decided to partner with Enagic in April 2009.

I am excited about my Kangen home based business.

Sharing Enagic USA Kangen Water Ionizers is a fantastic way to supplement my income while educating Phoenix people about the importance of pH water.

I am concerned about the declining level of health and wellness in Glendale and the entire Phoenix community. Though modern medicine marches forward, many Phoenix people don’t feel particularly healthy.

I believe that body acidosis affects a significant number of Los Angeles, Lake Tahoe, and New Orleans tap water drinkers.

If you drink the Phoenix municipal water, you might want to read the water quality analysis available online. Many Los Angeles and Lake Tahoe water drinkers have an eye-opening experience when they learn what chemicals are in their Phoenix tap water.

If you drink the tap water in Los Angeles, Lake Tahoe, and New Orleans , I invite you to come to my next Enagic USA Kangen healthy water presentation to learn about the multiple health benefits of alkaline water.

My phone number is 602-565-5785 and my email is Contact me through either method to learn the date and time of my next alkaline healthy water meeting in the Phoenix area.

LeeAnn Sharpe Independent Enagic Distributor
Glendale, Arizona zip code 85302

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Top Business Of The Century In Phoenix

Top Business Of The Century In Phoenix

“What is the Arizona business of the 21st Century?” Network Marketing!

Bestselling author (“Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” “Cashflow Quadrant”) and wealth-building expert Robert Kiyosaki’s latest book is called “The Business of the 21st Century.” In it, Kiyosaki makes the case that Phoenix MLMs are the business of the century because they create genuine wealth.

Kiyosaki points out that wealth and money are not the same thing. “Money is what you earn; wealth is what you build.” The Phoenix people who understand the difference between money and wealth work to build assets, not merely earn income. A Phoenix business becomes an asset when it generates income even when the owner is not working.

A network marketing business is an asset, not just a job. Assets create wealth for Glendale entrepreneurs and small business owners.

I am LeeAnn Sharpe working in the 85302 zip code area. I invite you to create your own wealth-building asset by joining my network marketing team sharing Levelux SD501 in Glendale and on the online marketplace.

Think about it: Network marketing in the Glendale area turns something you already have (a network) into a money making asset. Here is the formula for success in Glendale:

Your network + a quality product (Levelux SD501) + your time, effort, and skills + my support and training = an income-generating asset!

If you are an entrepreneur in Glendale but your current venture is not generating passive income, I would invite you to learn more about the Levelux SD501 wealth-building opportunity. My phone number is 602-565-5785 and my email address is

The information from Robert T. Kiyosaki’s new book was taken from an article he wrote for Direct Selling News entitled “Network Marketing: The Business of the 21st Century.” It appeared in the April 2010 issue.

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Supplement Your Income In Glendale With Enagic

Supplement Your Income In Glendale With Enagic

Hello Glendale! Are your looking for a way to earn extra income? I can show you how to start a flexible part time business with Enagic USA.

Enagic manufactures the highest quality in-home alkaline water system. Glendale people are looking for authentic health and wellness solutions, not trendy gimmicks. Kangen water machines generate pH balanced water using your tap water. I am excited by the interest in Kangen alkaline water ionizers and filtration machines in Glendale, Arizona and other communities in the 85302 zip code area.

My Enagic direct sales business is providing valuable extra income and the timing couldn’t be better. My supplemental income provides peace of mind along with financial benefits.

Are you having a hard time making it in Arizona on one paycheck? Even two income Glendale families often need a little extra cash.

An Enagic healthy water business doesn’t require all of your spare time. You can bring in extra income by dedicating just a few hours a week to your Glendale health and wellness business.

To take advantage of a direct sales opportunity that is unlike any other, call me at 602-565-5785.

LeeAnn Sharpe

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